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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an Efficient Business Approach to contribute to sustainable economic, social and environmental development of a community which will be of benefits to all parties involved. Giving back to society becomes implemented into the overall corporate strategy, reflects the organization mission and attracts clients as well as successful executives. Short- and long-term benefits are assured.

Corporate Social Responsibility programs could be helpful or harmful to companies and businesses; it depends on the strategies employed. To have a successful CSR Project, you need a CSR Expert or Advisor, who will be your experienced and well connected Consultant.

We are offering:

  • Scouting: Giving the community exactly what they will appreciate and fits within the individual mission and visions

  • Due Diligence: Efficient use of funds and other resources

  • CSR Strategies: Professional Evaluation and Execution of Ideas

  • CSR Consultancy: Expert Advice to any CSR Initiator (Philanthropist, Business Owner, Corporate Body, Family Office, anentrepreneur or individual who wants to give back to Society)Connector: Door-Opener to Impactful Investors/Funders

Options for CSR Solutions

  • CSR Expert/Advisor

    Employing CSR Expert/Advisor with credible networks and experience within the social business AND classical business sector

  • Ideas

    Getting the Appropriate Advice or Ideas

  • Guidepost

    Choosing the Right Project(s) along the company’s mission

  • Efficient

    Efficient Use of Funds and Resources/Social Impact Reporting

  • Reputation

    Reputation or Image Management

Why MB Consulting?

Galvanized by 10 plus years of experience in corporate social innovation and ideas management, strategic and entrepreneurial scanning, marketing leadership and economic management, and having been a strategic contributor towards creation of global social-entrepreneurship projects, including charities and philanthropic endeavors, I am now enthusiastically seeking inspiring opportunities and change in philanthropic and corporate social environments to creatively assist firms in untapping the extraordinary in ordinary and to seamlessly extract the best value in everything for the serving infrastructures.

Having lived and worked within an international environment I gained an exceptional and highly credible global network.

What others say about MB Consulting

Walter S. Odhiambo

I had the previlledge of working with Meike as she assembled the leadership team to drive Ashoka’s new organizational strategy and business model for Africa. Meike is very professional, hardworking, supportive/ collaborative and focused in her work. I find her such an inspiration to work with.

Walter S. OdhiamboExecutive Director| International Board Member| Social Entrepreneur

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