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Meike Bettscheider

Meike Bettscheider

Corporate and Social Responsibility Executive, Strategy Development Consultant, Business Development Consultant

Strategic Knowledge of CSR and Philanthropic Infrastructures

I have acquired concrete knowledge and expertise in diverse range of activities coming under CSR, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship dynamics, and how to leverage this knowledge in extracting the best values for businesses. I have become adept in these capacities by developing strategic growth processes and skills during my past positions as a consultant and strategic advisor to International and European companies, and during my presence in leadership boards of other social and non-profit platforms. I have also been involved, as a strategist and founding member, in the drawing boards of diverse startup platforms engaged in the betterment of social and environmental causes through social innovation and multidimensional expertise-integration. All this has been possible due to my energetic aptitude towards designing optimum programs and communications which can translate into value-enhancing outcomes for businesses. This knowledge has also allowed me to develop CSR initiatives and philanthropic programs which can strategically align with the core culture and vision of firms.

Foundation, Philantropic and CSR-Inspired Operational Management

I have acquired diverse and robust knowledge and understanding of how to connect and align internal human capital, in multiple capacities, with the inspiring ideals of strategic growth through CSR, social innovation and investment programs. I have learned that through integrating internal resources with the external paradigms, firms can create and sustain strategic brand value and growth. Throughout my career, I have fortified my capacities in identifying the optimum scenarios which can contribute towards the sustainability and diversity of firms through socially inspired programs and initiatives. Setting up a foundation or philanthropic vehicle individually aligned to the requirements of the organization, enterprise or foundation.

Planning and Strategizing Skills

One of the major aspects of my enthusiastic career has been about designing results-oriented and sustainable plans and strategies to support and diversify the direction of multiple portfolios of socially- driven projects. The strategizing skills were further streamlined by my strong academic acumen in strategic management and organizational planning, analytical and critical thinking, and innovative implementation of ideas embedded in the areas of sustainable leadership and social entrepreneurship. Throughout my career, I have been able to successfully galvanize serving organizations’ strategic and operational capabilities and human resource potentials in alignment with its sustainable outlook.

Branding and Marketing Skills

I have strong abilities to market and brand any program coming under social investment and innovation dynamics. I have been pervasively involved in orchestrating, leading, and coordinating successful marketing and communication strategies during my career roles as strategic founder and counsel to diverse organizations involved in the implementation of innovative solutions in the paradigm of social and environmental betterment. These promotional campaigns resulted in the creation of inspiring social networks and socially conscious platforms. I have been passionately involved in NGO’s institution and cross channel development.

Networking, Public Relations and Consultancy Skills

During my career in socially inspired endeavors, I have streamlined my networking, public relations and counseling skills and expertise. I have strengthened my professional acumen about the fact that social and environmental innovation programs cannot be efficiently structured and sustained unless supported by a vibrant vigor in forging these capacities. It is due to my attitude towards employing these aspects that I have been able to create, develop, sustain and nurture impactful and sustainable connections and platforms coming under social innovation purview. I have also fortified the operational aspects of public relations and strategic communications and business development, in that it can strategically highlight and sustain organizations’ commitment towards initiatives of critical environmental importance.

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