„The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.“ Tony Robbins

leading change towards impact

Independent Consultancy for successful, sustainable and efficient change management. Information, Inspiration, Impact and Change will be lead and executed along your individual goals and vision.

MB Consulting helps to find fundamental and individual solutions for your social engagement. Global partners for CSR solutions, access to a highly credible pool of leading Social Entrepreneurs paired with professional knowledge will lead you towards success.

We stand for Independency, transparency and professionalism – let’s create impact together.

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Why Us?

Galvanized by 10 plus years of experience in corporate social innovation and ideas management, strategic and entrepreneurial scanning, marketing leadership and economic management, and having been a strategic contributor towards creation of global social-entrepreneurship projects, including charities and philanthropic endeavors.

I am now enthusiastically seeking inspiring opportunities and change in philanthropic and corporate social environments to creatively assist firms in untapping the extraordinary in ordinary and to seamlessly extract the best value in everything for the serving infrastructures.

Having lived and worked within an international environment I gained an exceptional and highly credible global network.

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